Welcome to Writing Books for Writers.

This site is founded by writers for writers. There are so many books available about the writing process and the creation of fiction in general that knowing which one to buy is sometimes a problem. Here are brief reviews of all of the writing books that I’ve read along with some products that I looked at with my own writing in mind.

In addition, my very young friend Al Pineson has agreed to offer up some of his own short stories as examples of why reading books about the how-to of writing is so important.

Some of the books and products discussed here I would buy again and some I would not. Some I might borrow and some I would want to own. Either way, I hope I can help some other writers make the sometimes difficult decision about which writing books to buy.

To get the most from this site, it is best to decide which level of writing book you need. I have broken them into beginner, intermediate and advanced books based on my own impressions of their usefulness to each group of writers. People just starting out or restarting a career in writing need different books to aid their writing process than do people who have many hundreds of publications. I have also marked each review with a comment of how entertaining I thought the book was. Some books produce a lot of information, but are so dry that they are hard to get through.

The category “writing life” is filled with books that are less about how-to and more about how writer’s live and view their craft. These books can be interesting and useful to read, but really give little instruction to the beginner.

“Writing Gizmos” will be filled with software, laptop and other reviews as I have time to play with various things.

Enjoy my friends

Hilveticka Midiam.