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The Curious Case of The Misplaced Modifier – how to solve the mysteries of weak writing by Bonnie Trenga

This is a nice little hardcover book, and as grammar lessons go, it is one of the more enjoyable ones that I have had. The examples used to demonstrate the errors of weak writing are clear, concise and logical.

Trenga has a history as a professional copywriter and proofreader and is well accustomed to seeing the most common grammar errors. In this volume she covers those common errors in sufficient detail that they are easy to spot in your own work. Her writing style is open and enjoyable and this really feels less like reading a grammar textbook and more like reading a magazine article.

Overall the book is enjoyable and educational. It is not as difficult to master as many other texts, but it will give a beginner or even an intermediate writer a welcome boost in the grammar area. The greatest benefit is that you begin to think like a grammarian, without realizing that you are doing so, and that can only lead to better writing, which is what we all want.

I am rating this for beginner and intermediate writers.

4 stars overall
4 stars for ease of reading
4 stars for usefulness of information.